In his return to the iconic podcast, student investor and entrepreneur Daniel Scrugham draws on years of personally beating the market to explore the amazing world of investing and teach young people the secrets of success. As Daniel covers fascinating financial topics, interviews occasional experts, and picks stocks, financial independence has never been this easy - or this fun.

About Early Investing

February 1, 2020

Look carefully at the background of this website. On the left is a pile of coins, and on the right is an almost unrecognizable clock. This clock represents time, and time is not only the reason for Early Investing Podcast but critical to the rest of your life.

You probably want to make some money so that you have a safe and relaxed financial future and you can use your money at ease and not be worried about every last penny. As I explain in greater detail in the first episode of Early Investing, there are basically three places you can store your money for the future: banks, bonds, and the stock market. The money in banks grows at anywhere from as high as 1% per year to as low as 0.01% per year - in other words, it would take a staggering 720 years for your money to double in your average bank. Think about that. Bonds grow at an average of 5% per year - your money would take more than 14 years to double in a bond. Lastly, you can place your savings in the stock market, which grows at an average of 9-10% per year. It would take your money less than 8 years to double in the average stock market. Not a math nerd? That's fine - let me show you what this all means if you save $1,200 per year for 40 years (So you start when you are 20 and end when you are 60):
  • Bank (0.1%): $50,245.86
  • Bonds (5%): $160,655.70
  • Stocks (9%): $553,150.55
The difference is INCREDIBLE: You could make almost half a million dollars instead of only 50k by investing just $1,200 in the stock market every year for forty years. And what if you were able to beat the market with good stock picks and make 12% per year?
  • Very Good Stock Picks (12%): $1,142,632.03
One million dollars. But how do you get such amazing returns? There are three important factors that influence your returns: amount, rate of return, and time. While all three are important, by far the most influential is time. This is the advantage you have over older, more experienced investors. It is critical that you understand this opportunity and take advantage of it from a young age. You need to learn about the stock market, how to invest, and how to buy good companies. If you do, you won't have to worry about retirement or bills, but can live a comfortable life knowing that your money will grow on its own.
I created Early Investing to teach people how to invest and help them beat the stock market while producing a fun and enjoyable weekly podcast which is only fifteen minutes per week. Numerous friends have approached me and asked how they can enjoy these mind-blowing returns. I have beaten the market in my short investing years, and I believe that I can share my knowledge with young listeners. (For more information about me, click here.) I hope you will listen to Early Investing and act on your knowledge!
You can listen right here on the website,, as well as on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, and Steemit. Early Investing has another way to engage - Instagram. Message me or check out my little @earlyinvesting page on Instagram If you like the podcast, please subscribe and leave a review on iTunes to help more young people discover Early Investing. I'll see you on the podcast or via email, and remember, invest early!
Disclaimer: Early Investing is an informational podcast only, so don't buy and sell stocks or cryptocurrencies without doing your own research. Daniel is not a certified financial advisor and views expressed do not represent investment advice.

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