In his return to the iconic podcast, student investor and entrepreneur Daniel Scrugham draws on years of personally beating the market to explore the amazing world of investing and teach young people the secrets of success. As Daniel covers fascinating financial topics, interviews occasional experts, and picks stocks, financial independence has never been this easy - or this fun.

About Me

February 1, 2020

My name is Daniel Scrugham and I am the host of Early Investing. I am now seventeen years old and have invested in the stock market since I was twelve. I became interested in investing when I completed the Personal Management merit badge with my Boy Scout troop (now a Trail Life USA troop). I then read a book called The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens, which is a must-read for every teenager (I mention it on the podcast sometimes). I bought my first stock, Google, in 2015 with money I had saved from Christmas and birthday presents. Two and a half years and a name change (Alphabet) later, my one $540 share has more than doubled in value to $1,150. At the end of 2017, I became fascinated by the emerging world of cryptocurrency and now own eight cryptocurrencies in addition to my other stocks. I love investing in the stock market, but I have many friends who do not know how to invest. Because I realize how much there is to win or lose depending on your first financial decisions, I created Early Investing podcast to help all young people invest in the stock market from an early age. I strongly believe, and compound interest proves, that your saving and investing before you reach 30 years old will prove more critical to your lifetime financial security than the rest of your career. If you have a time advantage when you are young, then you should use it, and I want to serve you as much as possible while creating engaging content that you will enjoy.

I stopped the podcast in 2018 to focus on school, and restarted it in early 2020. I'm glad I'm back and I hope you are too :)

Please email me at with any questions or comments to be featured on the occasional "listener appreciation week" episodes. I also appreciate suggestions for how I can improve the podcast, as it is always a work in progress! I look forward to your emails and hearing about your investing journey. Trust me - it's worth it! Learn more about Early Investing here, follow @earlyinvesting on Instagram here for special stock analysis and to engage with me, and remember - invest early!

Disclaimer: Early Investing is an informational podcast only, so don't buy and sell stocks or cryptocurrencies without doing your own research. Daniel is not a certified financial advisor and views expressed do not represent investment advice.

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